Redefining Excellence in Wireless Sales

In the ever-evolving world of wireless technology, having expert guidance is key for sales teams to navigate and excel. Ryan Moore, Director of Sales Enablement at OSL, is at the forefront of this transformative journey, reshaping OSL’s approach to training and sales success in the wireless category through the implementation of “One Best Way.”

We asked Ryan to share his thoughts on how OneBestWay has evolved, where it’s headed next, and its impact on future leaders at OSL.

Q: Can you describe the genesis of OneBestWay?

R: In 2022, we launched an initiative to unify the sales team’s efforts to establish a benchmark for best-in-class sales performance in the wireless sector. The guiding principle behind this initiative was simple – whether you’re a Mobile Expert or in support of a Mobile Expert’s success – the approach to business should be the same. This philosophy laid the groundwork for OneBestWay Level I, officially introduced in 2023, which focuses on leveraging our team’s strengths to improve performance across key metrics.

Q: Your team recently launched OneBestWay Level II. How will this elevate your current strategy?

R: To kick off 2024, we moved into OneBestWay Level II, marking a new phase aimed at long-term growth and productivity. This new phase emphasizes several key areas including optimizing labor to match customer shopping patterns, setting clear performance expectations for all roles, and establishing daily routines for a consistent approach to task management. We’re also prioritizing employee engagement through positive feedback mechanisms and focused coaching to enhance team capabilities.

Q: How has the leadership team responded to OneBestWay?

R: At a recent team meeting in Philadelphia, there was a palpable commitment to the successful implementation of OneBestWay Level II. The energy and determination to drive change underscored our united effort toward a common goal, and this alignment is crucial towards realizing the vision set forth by the team at OSL.

Q: Looking ahead, what are your goals for OneBestWay’s growth?

R: Our vision is clear and ambitious: to champion the success of Mobile Experts through top-notch training and development. With OneBestWay Level II, we’re not just aiming to improve sales metrics; we’re redefining excellence in the wireless category. The collective dedication to this initiative promises to surpass goals and propel our team to new heights of success in the wireless retail space.

As the journey of OneBestWay unfolds, it sets a new standard for success in the dynamic world of wireless sales. The future of training and development in the wireless category looks brighter than ever.

Thanks to Ryan for sharing his thoughts and goals for the future of this exciting initiative. You can find him on LinkedIn here: Ryan Moore’s LinkedIn profile. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and our blog for more updates on what’s happening at OSL. Thanks for reading!

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