OSL’s Commitment to Women’s Empowerment: Elevating Leaders Through WE@OSL and the WEship program

At OSL, inclusion and empowerment are fundamental to our thriving business. We believe that fostering female advancement in the workplace is both a responsibility and a necessity. This belief drives our people-first approach, where every team member feels seen, valued, and respected, allowing them to harness their full potential.

Empowering Women, Building Leaders

WE@OSL is a movement aimed at equipping our female workforce with the tools, confidence, and opportunities to excel in their careers. We believe that leadership transcends titles and that every woman at OSL has the potential to be a leader. Our workshops provide a safe and supportive space for women to share their stories, learn from each other, and grow together.

Exciting Workshops and Initiatives

As part of our ongoing quarterly leadership development workshop series for women, WEship, WE@OSL is thrilled to announce our upcoming “Leadership for Non-Managers” workshop on July 9th featuring Director of Client Services, Tanya De Maurivez. Starting as an onboarding administrator and growing into her director role, Tanya is a testament to the power of determination and visionary leadership. During the planned Q&A session, Tanya’s insights will undoubtedly inspire and guide attendees in their leadership journeys.

The Future of WE@OSL

As we look ahead, WE@OSL is poised to continue inspiring, developing, and motivating the women of OSL. Our leadership development workshops and expanded mentorship programs are a few examples of how we are putting our commitment to female empowerment into action.

The impact of WE@OSL is evident in the positive feedback from our participants, many of whom have found mentorship, support, and inspiration through the program, and we are excited to witness the continued growth and success of this program. Together, we can build a community where every woman’s voice is amplified, her goals are celebrated, and her potential knows no bounds. Let’s continue to rise together and create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

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