OSL & Walmart: Celebrating a commitment to excellence

At OSL, we are grateful to be working with Walmart, a partner that consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence in customer service and a forward-thinking approach to wireless sales.

Recently, I was sent an article by a respected industry insider who specializes in highlighting the impact of major retailers like Walmart within the wireless space. They were excited to share that Walmart was showcasing exceptional results based on a 2019 decision by the company to enhance its wireless strategy, which was made possible in part by OSL’s partnership!

As per the article, Walmart’s strategic decision to enhance its wireless sales has proven to be a game-changer. Back in 2019, consumers didn’t view Walmart Wireless as a serious choice when shopping for their next phone or plan. Other retailers were offering more in-store service options, and Walmart needed to enhance its wireless offerings and be able to support rapid growth. At OSL, we are known for our dynamic sales solutions, so we were well-equipped to rise to this challenge.

When we originally partnered with Walmart, we immediately utilized our outstanding coaching and training programs to build specialized, confident teams of wireless-focused associates who offered a tailored customer-focused experience. By deploying dedicated OSL wireless experts to their stores, Walmart has significantly improved the customer experience of choosing and activating mobile plans with major U.S. carriers. This initiative has enhanced the knowledge and capabilities of in-store personnel and led to meeting solid quotas in wireless activations. We were also able to facilitate and expand Walmart’s wireless phone carrier partnerships which helped drive higher demand and attract a wider audience of brand loyalists.

Now, while other retailers are reducing their presence in the wireless market, Walmart has been expanding and innovating. Their recent remodels and digital enhancements across stores underscore their commitment to providing a seamless and informative shopping experience, and through partnering with OSL, we’ve developed a phenomenal team of trusted and driven employees who support an exceptional customer journey.

We are proud to supply Walmart with skilled and knowledgeable employees who are part of the driving force behind this successful wireless strategy. Our partnership with Walmart aligns perfectly with our mission to provide the best service and expertise in the wireless sales industry.

This partnership is not just a business collaboration; it’s a testament to our shared values of customer focus, innovation, and excellence in service. We look forward to continuing this journey with Walmart and contributing to its growth and success in the wireless sector. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting journey with Walmart!

Gary MacAskill, Managing Partner | OSL Retail Services

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