With so many awesome and diverse people in the OSL family, it’s important to us to provide employees with new opportunities that recognize and celebrate their uniqueness. Through the OSL Cares People Programs we reinforce the employee experience and align with OSL’s fundamental commitment to creating a culture where people come first. Our OSL Cares People Programs, are integrated as part of the employee experience to encourage and recognize employees, through meaningful financial aid and continuous learning, they include: Education, We See You! Family Support, Career Advancement & Community Caring. Our Reserve Fund program is also designed to help members of our OSL family and their communities in times of unexpected need.


OSL offers a unique corporate bursary program focused on helping our employees break through personal barriers by granting them access to financial assistance.

In recognition of our people, five categories for OSL Bursaries are available with specific qualifying criteria and are awarded, on a yearly basis, to employees through an online application process. Recipients of the bursaries are determined by our selection committee, a cross functional team of OSL employees and third-party designees.


2 Bursaries Available per Year

Education in an investment in our future! At OSL we want to support our youth as they follow their passion in post-secondary education by reducing some of the financial burden that comes with pursuing further education. This Educational Bursary program offers bursaries to OSL parents or guardians, in contribution toward their child or dependent’s education.


2 Bursaries Available per Year

At OSL we are surrounded by outstanding humans demonstrating ongoing support, kindness and boosting team morale! This special award allows our employees to nominate one another and let their colleagues know, we see you and all the amazing things you do! Every year OSL awards 10, We See You! Bursaries to OSL employees nominated by a peer or leader for being an outstanding human. We truly believe in recognizing our people who selflessly give to others and deserve to be celebrated with recognition.


2 Bursaries Available per Year

We value family and understand personal circumstances can become overwhelming and difficult. That is precisely why we set up the Family Support Bursary, two awards designed to assist OSL employees struggling with a familial circumstance that requires additional financial support. Personal circumstances could include, but are not limited to, mental health, caring for a sick family member or supporting an elderly parent. It is not always easy to ask for help, so although this bursary can be self-nominated, employees are also welcomed to nominate a peer they feel could use this helping hand.


2 Bursaries Available per Year

Lifelong learning is essential to nourish our minds, spark new ideas, change our perspective and expand our capabilities. That is why OSL offers the Career Advancement Bursary, two awards for OSL employees looking to learn something new or brush up on their skills through online/in-class courses, seminars, specialty training and workshops outside of our established OSL training program.


2 Bursaries Available per Year

At OSL we are inspired by our employees who take the time to support their communities and make valuable contributions toward the causes they are passionate about. This Community Caring Bursary acknowledges an employee’s meaningful contribution in their communities through community work, volunteerism, or other local impact with two rewards. Although this Bursary can be self-nominated, we also encourage and accept peer nominated applications!


At OSL we are a family of passionate and enthusiastic movers and shakers who care deeply about our communities and with a family of over 7,000+ individuals, unexpected needs can arise where financial support can go a long way in lending a helping hand. The OSL Cares Relief Fund enables the timely execution of funds to support short-term, emergent needs including disaster relief, significant unexpected hardships, or meaningful causes outside of OSL’s planned activities.

While we may not be able to predict the yearly events that might warrant the use of these funds, we can guarantee that we are prepared to respond with immediate, significant, and decisive action to aid communities facing hardship. The OSL Cares Relief Fund is an extension of the values we already live by at OSL: people are at the core of everything we do and we believe lending a helping hand when communities need it the most, is an absolute necessity. Together, we’re helping our employee’s communities stay strong and become more resilient.