Android VS iPhone: Choosing the right phone for your needs

If you are in the market for a new phone, chances are you’ve been looking at a multitude of brands that are hot right now. Ultimately, it boils down to the timeless debate of whether you should go with an iPhone or an Android. While each model has its own persuasive and die-hard fan-base, in the end it comes down to what your needs are because both have their pros and cons. Lucky for you, at OSL we live and breathe all things mobile and tech, and can provide you with expert insights into both the iPhone vs. Android debate. We’ve broken it down into two sections so that you can uncover what it is YOU truly want from your mobile phone.

Why are iPhones a good choice?

  1. Integration: If you already own other Apple products, it makes sense to go with an iPhone as it will pair up with all your other products seamlessly. Carrying over your data from one device to another is done through a simple tap or two, saving you a lot of time. The continuity features on the iOS systems are unparalleled in the industry. With options like Apple Pay that can carry over from your phone to your Mac, and the continuity camera that allows you to take pictures on your phone and scan documents then transfer them to your Mac, life is simply easier with your Apple phone.
  2. Apps: The third party apps that are offered by iOS developers are consistently better than anything available on android platforms. The Apple App Store is easier to navigate and most established companies put additional time into developing their iOS apps. This means that they run smoother and are integrated with the iOS system in a much better way. Many popular social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat are affected by this as well since they have been reported to perform slower on the Android systems.
  3. Accessories: Walk into any Walmart, Sam’s Club or Samsung Store and you will see aisles of cases for every iPhone model in a magnitude of colours and designs. With the arrival of the iPhone 12, new MagSafe accessories that are magnet based and charge your device without needing to be plugged in are readily available!
  4. Software Updates: Apple knows that its customers always want the latest and greatest which is why they offer continuous updates and aim to make the user experience better. When a new iOS version is released it is offered to all users globally which can’t be said for Android users who get released in batches and can create delays in update times.
  5. Customer Service: The Apple store is your one stop shop should you need anything fixed on your device. You can simply walk in and get assistance or schedule an appointment to address your needs. Whatever your problem may be, you know that you can always get help in a short amount of time, whereas with an android you usually have to send devices to the manufacturer which in turn extends the time it will take to fix your issue.

Why is Android a good choice?

  1. The Price: Because so many smartphones run Android, there are many different models at varying price ranges. This means that you can easily find a phone that fits within your budget AND meets your exact needs. Currently the most affordable android phones are the Samsung Galaxy A51, Pixel 4a and Nokia 7.2.
  2. Customization Options: If you want to be able to fully build your mobile device from the ground up, then an Android is what you need! You can personalize everything from app placement to keyboards and skins. Widgets can be placed wherever you please and are fully customizable to what you need or want out of your device. If you are tech savvy, the sky’s the limit for what your phone set-up can look like. You can even manipulate your home screen to show you the info you want first!
  3. Google Assistant: This android feature uses everything Google knows about you and the world to make life easier. It is truly made to make your life easier and more streamlined! For example, if your Google Calendar knows that you have a meeting at 5pm and traffic is terrible, Google Assistant will be one step ahead and send you a notification telling you to leave early. With its extensive subscription feature, you can even set it up to give you things like weather information right before you leave for work every day or even news alerts 20 minutes after you wake up in the mornings as you have your coffee.
  4. Headphone Jack: If you want to use your own headphones, you can! Android phones still have the standard headphone jack, meaning you don’t need to spend extra $$ like you would with an iPhone for an adaptor.

So which one is good for you?

It really boils down to what you want out of your mobile device.

If you are looking for simplicity and convenience, then gravitating towards an Apple iPhone is a good move. It’s no surprise that it continues to be the most popular smartphone on the market, as it offers everything you could possibly want and offers top level service should you need it.

If you are looking for a curated and customizable experience that offers you more freedom to really build your own phone, then an Android device is right for you. The ability to change the hardware and software features plus personalize every detail is a smart choice for those who are particular about how they use their daily tech devices.

Both the iPhone and Android score victories in their own categories, so no matter what you choose, you know you’ll be getting a superior product with worthy capabilities.

Have more questions? Visit one of our locations and talk to an OSL employee. Our teams are equipped with expert product knowledge and can walk you through your options to bring home the best phone today!

Happy Shopping!

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