The recruitment process is changing - while face-to face interviews are still standard practice, many employers are now adding video interviews to the mix.

Typically requested at the beginning stages, video interviews are an important first glimpse of a candidate. It’s another way of saying, “we liked your resume and are interested in hearing more about you”.

We spoke with our Talent Acquisition team for some insight on how you can optimize your video interview; here are their top 8 tips:

  1. Find a quiet place for your video interview. We suggest finding a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. Let your family and/or roommates know that you have an interview or put up a friendly sign.
  2. Select your outfit the evening before. We suggest business casual – a collared shirt or blouse is always a safe bet. Dressing the part can leave a lasting positive impression and sets a professional tone for your interview.
  3. Anticipate questions you may be asked. Prepare answers to common questions like: Tell us about yourself? Tell us about your most recent role? Why do you want this role? Share an accomplishment you are proud of. Organizing your thoughts is a great way to combat nerves!
  4. Compile a list of questions you would like to ask. Demonstrate your interest in the role through meaningful questions such as, what are some of the day to day challenges of the role? What are you looking for in an applicant? What are the next steps in the interview process?
  5. Research the company. Find information on their website, read news items mentioning the company, and look up the Manager you’ll be meeting with on LinkedIn – use this information as talking points to showcase your knowledge and interest in the company.
  6. Take your time when answering interview questions. Take a moment to reflect before answering each question, to form your thoughts and answer. Remembering to pause, for just a few seconds, helps deliver your answer clearly to the interviewer.
  7. Focus on the task at hand. Turn off your phone or put your ringer on mute. Don’t let yourself get distracted by other things during the interview. The interviewer is focused on you, return that interest.
  8. Stay positive and energetic. By getting an interview, you have made the short list of candidates so highlight what you can bring to the role. Share with the interviewer why you want the job and remember and to thank them for their time on the way out!