Stacy Muzyka - District Manager in Central Canada,

Our day in the life series gives us a glimpse into the day to day lives of our corporate and field employees across North America. This month, we spoke with Stacy Muzyka for a sneak peek into what a typical work day looks like for him as Canada’s central west (Golden Horseshoe) district manager.

What exactly is the “Golden Horseshoe”?

The Golden Horseshoe is part of central Canada, otherwise known as South Western Ontario (SWO). Under the Golden Horseshoe district, I support 15 wireless store kiosks, from Fort Erie to St. Catharines, Hamilton, and Burlington to Brantford, to name a few.

What does a typical morning look like for you / how do you start your day?

A typical morning for me begins with opening my laptop and checking my cell phone. I review the data and notes I made from the previous day and use those learnings as point of reference to plan the day to come. For example, if we missed our target the previous day, I look for opportunities on how my teams can work towards meetings our daily goals. Then, I’ll provide my teams with an overall store update. This goes out three to five times during the week to keep my teams posted on where our current sales stand. Allowing us to also recognize success store-wide and provide support to others.

Then, I will attend any meetings or calls that have been scheduled for the day. I connect with our carrier partners and share any carrier updates with my teams to ensure they have the information to help them win the day.

Take us through what the rest of your day looks like?

My day to day varies based on what’s happening in each of the stores and updates regarding any carrier updates or requests coming in from Head office.
On a normal day, once I’ve completed my morning routine, I will check my emails and continue regular communication with our carrier partners to ensure I have the latest information on launches, pricing, promotions etc. Also, I have regular phone calls with my team leads and head office regarding status updates and resolution of issues such as merchandising, marketing, pricing and loss prevention.

Often, I’ll check each of our team group chats (my district has 18!) to ensure my teams are active and we’re regularly communicating any updates to our stores. I’ll answer additional inquiries during the day and visit stores to see how each of my teams are doing, providing support where needed. Following store visits, I complete a store visit report to ensure our leaders are aware of store progress.

Some days require a lot of travel. My job includes touring with different clients, carrier partners, vendors and our head office folks. If there are any issues or challenges that my teams are facing, I will provide training support or information to help them meet their sales targets.

How do you end your work day?

A typical day for me ends when all my stores are closed. My associates will send me a recap of the day’s sales and based on those numbers, I’ll send out an end of day email that recognizes our top stores and associates. Then, this is replicated in our group chats, along with review of any misses. I always look at missed targets as opportunities to see how we can improve and address any challenges my team has. It is also a great way to recognize all the hard work that both associates and store mangers put into the day.

What are three key skills you need to perform your job?

  1. Having a leadership lens on all situations
  2. Great communication amongst stores and teams
  3. Great relationship building with teams in my stores, with our supporting teams at head office and of course our clients, carriers and vendors

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

  1. There are two qualities of my job that are really rewarding for me in my position:
    Great work/life balance. Being a family man, it is very important for me to be able to spend time with my wife and kids, while being successful and focused on the job. This career really allows me to do both.
  2. The ability to develop my team. I’ve had the honour of supporting 18 team members move up. Being part of their on-going development has been very rewarding for me.

Would you like to leave us with any last thoughts?

The right attitude allows for many opportunities and possibilities. If you have the right attitude, you can build a passionate team that wants to win and work hard for you, because you lead by example. It’s all about our people, so it’s important that we invest in them.