Looking for a career where a strong woman such as yourself can thrive? A career in retail just might be perfect for you. Retail faces many of the same equality challenges as other industries, but don’t discount it as a career option: FACT: a predominantly female target market actually makes it an ideal industry for women to break into. Here is a quick overview of women in retail and how their opportunities stack up, from retail associate jobs to retail management.

The Times, They Are A Changin’

Only a few short decades ago, it was uncommon for women to work outside the home. Today women enter adulthood with dramatically different expectations. More than half (57 percent) of women are currently in the workforce, and young women are more likely than ever to put off marriage and families in order to go to school and work. This means women are looking for work not as a stopgap, but as a career.

This also means that women are shopping not for their families, but for themselves. Since women also make up 70 to 80 percent of consumer spending, their changing spending habits mean that retail is undergoing major changes on both sides of the equation.

Why Women should consider working within the retail industry

Opportunity Knocks

OSL is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and foster a safe, inclusive work environment. If you’re driven, passionate and a people person, you’re probably a great fit for our rapidly expanding team!

Retail Needs YOU!

Attitudes toward women in retail are changing! Since women make up 70 to 80 percent of consumer spending, retailers benefit from having women’s perspectives on staff. Even retail sales associates’ jobs give women an opportunity to prove their worth by providing insight into consumer spending habits. Men and women have different strengths, and many women’s skills are untapped resources for retail management.

What You Can Do

We all can play a part in breaking down the stereotypes and rigid thinking limiting women’s opportunities in retail store jobs and management careers. If you’re a woman, remember to emphasize your differences as strengths. Network to find mentors to learn from and join peer groups to provide support as your retail career grows. Even if you’re not a woman, you can still help by being aware of inequalities and doing your part to promote balance whenever possible.

Start Your Retail Career Today with OSL

As opportunities for women increase, in retail associate jobs and management positions as well as other industries, you deserve to be at the forefront of change. Don’t let anyone accuse you of You can “want AND have it all!” Being willing to juggle your responsibilities so that you can pursue both family and career goals is a sign of ambition that should be rewarded, not criticized. OSL can help you find retail jobs where your skills and ambition are recognized and valued. Launch your career by searching our lists of retail stores hiring today!

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