The mobility and network access enabled by our mobile phones and tablets, coupled with the incredible amount of readily available content online, means that today’s consumer is making better-informed decisions faster than ever before. As a result, our customers expect us to know intuitively what they need, when they need it and to deliver it instantly. They want a tailored result that is “the best for me” and they have become impatient with ‘process’.

This means shifting our strategies to keep pace with consumer expectations for a “right here, right now” experience.

So, let’s look at these emerging trends identified by our friends at Google that are defining the new customer’s expectations and journey. Knowing how to identify these consumer behaviors will help us adapt our strategies to become more meaningful partners in the customer journey.

The Curious Consumer: Researching everything, no matter how small

  • Each decision is an informed one.
  • Have many consumer questions.
  • Are searching for inspiration and ideas.
  • Want to be sure they’re informed before they decide.
  • Have a “try before you buy” mentality and a “know before you go” attitude.

Simply put, they are using research and reviews and looking to learn as much as possible about products, destinations, and experiences — before they commit.

The Demanding Consumer: Expecting tailored experiences

  • Expect every experience to be tailored just for them.
  • Want brands to understand their intent.
  • Increasingly use personal language — such as “me” and “I” — in their searches.
  • Want the most relevant and personal results in any situation.
  • Want the right information in the right moment.

Consumer expectations have never been higher. Whether they are problem-solving or learning about the world around them, our customers want the most relevant and personal results in any situation. They are seeking a customized experience and are impatient with a cookie-cutter approach.

The Impatient Consumer: Making decisions faster than ever

  • Making decisions faster than ever before.
  • Expect to be able to act on those decisions instantly.
  • Want help in these decision-making moments.
  • Their standards are unforgiving.

This consumer expects brands to intuitively know what they need, when they need it, and deliver it instantly. They come armed with information and they want immediate and helpful guidance in the decision-making process and your complete attention.

So, there you have it, people want to be more informed, have more personal experiences, and get things done even faster. Being aware of these consumer trends will help us prepare the way we interact with our customers. Are you ready to build your knowledge base, prepare and anticipate your customer’s questions and be ready to deliver a tailored experience? Have you noticed these behaviors in-store? What have you found to be helpful?  Let us know in the comments below.