The OSL team is integrated in many different communities, all of which have their own needs and challenges. When we are working together to help strengthen our communities, we are also strengthening our own OSL family bond. The OSL Cares Community Programs are community-based efforts that give back on a local level because we care deeply about our employees and the causes they participate in. Our OSL Community Programs include the Community Grant and Volunteer of the Year.


Supporting the causes that are important to our diverse OSL family can make a meaningful impact on the communities in which they live and work. The Community Grants initiative is not only intended to directly support local communities but also offer a program where OSL can connect with and impact the causes that matter most to our people. Offered as a one-time support payment, community grants are open to four employees through a formal application request for funds to a charity they wish OSL to support financially. Ready to make an impact?


At OSL we value philanthropy and love to see our employees giving back on their own time. Each year we recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to make a difference within their communities!

OSL’s “Volunteer of the Year” Award honours one employee who has created a meaningful impact and shown passion, inspiration, and commitment within their local community. Candidates for this award are either self-nominated or nominated by another team member from OSL. The recipient of this award is chosen based on their contributions to an established charitable organization, cultural group, and/or local neighborhoods. Their impact is rewarded with a donation from OSL to a local charity of their choice.

Wait there’s more! OSL will also recognize five additional employees each year. These recipients are celebrated through honourable mentions and will each receive a donation to their local cause of choice!


To be eligible to apply for the Volunteer of the Year, the OSL employee must have a minimum of one continuous year with OSL and provide a letter of support from the organization the nominated employee volunteered with. Volunteer contributions are assessed by impact, reach, engagement, challenges, and inspiration.